Elim Payroll Services Management Software

Elim Payroll Services Mgt Software is a customizable product of Elim Human Resource Pro (HR Payroll) software. It is payroll management software that is built to streamline the payroll system into systematized pattern for companies that provide payroll services to other companies. This customized software helps accommodate efficient payroll management tools to reduce payroll errors and payment related workload.

Our payroll processing service helps you simplify your everyday payroll-related tasks, from the actual processing of payroll to the creation of custom reports. We help you retain full control of your payroll, while reducing the administrative burden you feel every time you deal with some aspect of processing.

Target Industries

Handling time and attendance, payroll taxes and workers’ compensation can be difficult for even the most experienced business leaders. That’s where payroll services companies come into the picture. These companies take the stress out of payroll and related processes by providing Internet-based, intuitive services to companies of all sizes and in all industries. Our Software is developed to meet the needs of SMEs that:
• Provide Payroll Services to other companies.
• Companies who could not afford to invest in a payroll software but choose to host payroll with us as Saas

To simplify the complicated task of running and tracking payroll, many companies turn to an outsourcing payroll service for help. .

Software Modules

• Multiple Company and Multiple Branch Configurations
• Employee Information Management
• Employee promotion management
• Employee Transfer management
• Employee Suspension management
• Employee Termination management
• Employee Full and Final Payment management
• Loan and Advance Management
• Leave and Vacation Management
• Payroll Management
• Tax Management system
• Employee Pension Management system
• Employee Attendance management
• Audit Trail
• Employee Salary Arrears Management
• Gratuity Management
• Employee Overtime Management

Connectivity & Accessibility

• It can be installed and database connected using wire or wireless LAN network within the company and connects the user PCs to the Server.
• It can be installed on the cloud or Web Server allowing the users to connect to the software using broadband internet from anywhere provided the software instance is present in the hardware.

Software Functionalities

• Multiple Companies Configuration.
• Companywide Salary structure
• Week off Working days calculation
• Detailed Employee Information system
• Pay slips Generation.
• Ability to set and define pay components
• Ability to calculate payroll daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly for select employee records • Ability to process payroll for employees
• Manage employee database of attendance
• Categorically arranged employee and department in payroll database. • Provision for managing "End of Service" benefits
• Set minimum requirements concerning minimum wage, surplus salary, salary restructuring and incorporates work to pay calculation method • Give overview on organization cost to overall salary which helps company to take effective decision on salary restructuring, employee reduction or increment, promotion wise salary increment rate etc. • Keep auditable records of payroll system
• Automates electronic salary receiving system
• Manage company policies for earnings
. • Take care of contract workers, hired employee payments
• Complete records of salary trends inside the company.

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