Elim HRIS & Payroll Software
(Employee Outsourcing Company Edition)

Elim HRIS and Payroll Software is a customized window-based Human Resource Payroll software designed to streamline end-to-end personnel information Management, HR and Salary related policies, compensation processes and statutory compliance issues in companies that outsource employees.

Our focus is on easy to use, highly personalized technology that offers more than basic transaction automation. Elim HRIS and Payroll Software makes payroll processing and pay slip generation simple, efficient and on time than any other Payroll software. .

Target Industries

Elim HRIS and Payroll Software is developed to meet the needs of a small and medium size enterprise:
• that engages in recruitment and outsourcing employees to companies and organizations
• that has multiple locations with different Salary structure for employee in those locations

We have worked with popular outsourcing companies in Nigeria having customized their processes and automate their payroll system with Elim HRIS and Payroll Software. .

Software Modules

• Human Resources Management
• Compensation Management
• Statutory Compliance Management
• Employee Medical Record Management
• Staff Cooperative Management
• Client Billing and Receivable Management
• Risk & Control Management

Connectivity & Accessibility

It can be installed and database connected using wire or wireless LAN network within the company and connects the user PCs to the Server.

Software Functionalities

• Multiple Clients and Locations Config.
• Client wise Working days calculation
• Employee Transfer History
• Detailed Employee Information system
• Ability to define unlimited pay grades, each having its own set of allowances and deductions.
• Integrated with Time-Attendance module to process attendance based payroll
• Ability to set and define pays components, deductions and tax tables.
• Ability to calculate payroll monthly
• Provision for managing "End of Service" benefits.
• Manage database of attendance and generate automated payroll.
• Categorically arranged employee and department in payroll database.
• Manage company policies for earnings in accordance to company payroll management.
• Manage, sort and record salary request, invoices and pay slips
• Give overview on company cost to overall salary.
• Keep auditable records of payroll system
• Complete records of salary trends inside the company .

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