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Human Resources & Payroll Software

Elim Human Resource & Payroll is comprehensive HRPayroll software designed to streamline end-to-end employee management of Company-wide Policies, employee information management, compensation processes and statutory compliance issues etc. Our focus is on easy to use, highly personalized technology that offers more than basic transaction automation. Elim HRPayroll software makes payroll processing and payslip generation simple, efficient and on time than any other HRMS software.

Our HR Payroll Software comes in various capacities and functionalities, depending on the HR System on ground in the respective organization , number of employees, type of software the organization is willing to deploy among other things.

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Database Management Systems

We are proficient in design and development of Oracle Database Management Systems for companies of differing sizes. So far, Oracle has a comprehensive database structure with functionalities thar enhances business performance.

Our design process starts with a clear understanding of the business needs of the client. It is followed closely with capturing of the current business process and system. WE then propose new system prototypes, with options for the user to choose. We also suggest several change over techniques, to prevent possible downtimes and reduce loss of data.

Finally, we include powerful security features to secure the database{s}, train on database usage, updating and maintenance. .


Mechanical & General Engineering component

We supply mechanical parts and components like :
• Turbine Segments and heat shields, brick holders. • Burners, Combustion Chambers, Fixings, Refractory Bricks and holders
• Spare parts for HP, LP, and Stop & Reheat bypass valves & Actuators
• Spare parts for Generators, Non-Magnetic Retaining rings, Insulation parts & Materials.
• All kind of Couplings (gear couplings, tooth couplings, Hydraulic couplings, bending and flexible , etc.

We also procure general & miscellaneous parts like :
Air Compressor Filter (Atlas Copco, Hankinson, Ingersoll, Compair, Ultra filter, Zander, Sullair).
• Spare parts for Electrolyzers/Electro dialysis.
• Ceramic & Fireproof parts, Well blocks, Melting & Heating equipment, melting crucibles & pots. Gooseneck, etc. .

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